Thursday, June 16, 2005

Jump Blues

I have only once heard this program live. It was in September 2002.

I was in Nashville Tennessee for the Americana Music Association (AMA) Conference. It was the one that Johnny Cash played. It was a strange weekend. Billy Joe Shaver made jokes about losing his fingers tover gambling debts. Bobby Bare Jr. rocked so hard with the innocent criminals that you forgot that Bare Jr. sucked. I bought his new record after years of swearing him off. ...and WRVU 91.1 FM was amazing for two hours.

Nashville Jumps is a program focused exclusivly on a subgene of early rock n' roll called jump blues. Well, at least he calls it jump blues. It runs 8:00am to 10:00am Friday mornings. Host Pete Wilson showers his listeners with selectsions from his seeming unlimited library of the great unknowns that made rock n' roll come alive. It's Artists like: Laverne Ray and Arlene Talley, Peppermint Harris, Jimmy Liggins, Sugar Boy Crawford, Billy "The Kid" Emerson, James Wayne, Mickey Baker, Annie Ross, Jack McVea, Big John Greer...

Hey, I've never heard of them either. But it's geat stuff and that's the point. Pete isnt just a D.J., he's an enthnomusicologist with a mic.
He had a site here:
While it appears to be down at the moment, the show lives on.

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