Sunday, June 05, 2005

Day Share Agreements

Suppose there is no room left on the radio dial in your City.

This is a rare scenario possibly limited to top 20 markets. (Even Phily had a move in last year right?) But with the current signal auction arrangement only independant millionares and massive media conglomerates can afford alicense. So what is one to do?

Low Power licenses are available with some foot work and some cash. Exciting, intresting ... but of very limited market penetration. LP radio stations are limited to under 100 watts. While there are some very interesting radio staitons out there running under 100 watts, (must do post on 1 watt staitons) they still are servicing a very small community area. Needless to say there is often some fighting over the scraps that are left.

In very rare scenarios there is a fight for the last license in the non-commercial band.
And even more rare, this fight ends with a very harmonious attempt at sharing the license.
Thats right:
one city.
one freqency.
two stations.

Some examples of this very unusual accord

KOOP & KVRX 91.7 Austin, TX
The community of Austin has half the day, the students of U.T. Austin have the other. they fight it out the rest in the parking lot at the Longhorns football games.

WXUT & WXTS 88.3 Toledo, OH
I dont totally understand this one it appears to be a share between Toledo City High school and U. of Toledo. I dont know how they divide the pie exactly but it appears that WXUT goes into webcast-only mode from 8:00am to 8pm M-F. I suspect that means thats the WXTS schedule.

WYBF & WXVU 89.1 Radnor, PA
Cabrini Vs. Villanova
I can hear these kids in my backyard. They split the week with WYBF getting Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and friday. the twist is that WYBF runs at 700 watts and WXVU runs at 75. So if you live more than about 5 miles away it just sounds like they take every other day off and go to the beach. Why Villanova dosn't file to up their license I have no idea.

WFDU & WNYU 89.1 New York City, NY
runs 8 hours of programming a day M-F starting at 4:00pm. the rest is WFDU. For the record WNYU broadcasts 24/7 on closed cable 800 AM to the NYU dorms.

KPSU leases time from Portland Public Schools 1450AM from 5pm-2am on the weekdays and noon-2am on the weekends. They broadcast 24/7 with LPFM on campus on 98.3fm and on their webstream at
*Corrected 6/30/05